Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Concert in the al-Amari Refugee Camp


I had originally planned to do a bigger report but that will have to wait until later. Yesterday the teachers of al-Kamandjati gave a concert in the al-Amari Refugee Camp, which is walking distance from the school. Like many refugee camps, al-Amari suffers from overcrowding and poor services; and like poorer areas in general it has a high birthrate and a large number of children.

Ramzi Aburedwan, the founder of the al-Kamandjati school, is himself a native of the al-Amari camp. He was lucky enough to be able to study violin at the Edward Said National Conservatory, which led to more training in France. After al-Kamandjati was set up in Ramallah he installed an auxillary school in al-Amari where teachers can train refugee children as well as give performances.

The concert was packed with children, many of whom have little to do during the summer months. Here are a few pictures.